id  com.bitplan.fritzbox
owner  BITPlan
title  Java API for Fritzbox
url  https://github.com/BITPlan/com.bitplan.fritzbox
version  0.0.5
date  2018/08/24



Unit tests

The unit tests can be run with:

mvn test

If you did not setup your configuration file yet the test will run against a mocked FritzBox. When the application properties are set you might want to change the test parameters according to your environment.

Configuration File

You might want to set your application properties in $HOME/.fritzbox/application.properties


Code Example

see https://github.com/BITPlan/com.bitplan.fritzbox/blob/master/src/main/java/com/bitplan/fritzbox/CmdLine.java

   * handle the command line command
  public void doCommand() throws Exception {
    if (fritzbox==null)
      fritzbox = FritzboxImpl.readFromProperties();

    if (fritzbox==null) {
      String msg=String.format("no %s found\nYou might want to create one see http://wiki.bitplan.com/index.php/Fritzbox-java-api#Configuration_File",FritzboxImpl.getPropertyFile().getPath());
    if (debug) {
      LOGGER.log(Level.INFO,String.format("Logging in to %s with username %s", fritzbox.getUrl(),
    FritzBoxSession session=fritzbox.login();
    final HomeAutomation homeAutomation = new HomeAutomationImpl(session);

    final DeviceList deviceList = homeAutomation.getDeviceListInfos();
    if (debug) {
      LOGGER.log(Level.INFO,String.format("Found %s devices", deviceList.devices.size()));
      for (final Device device : deviceList.devices) {
        LOGGER.log(Level.INFO,String.format("\t%s", device));

    final List<String> ids = homeAutomation.getSwitchList();
    if (debug) {
      LOGGER.log(Level.INFO,String.format("Found %3d device ids: %s", ids.size(), ids));

    if (deviceList.devices.isEmpty()) {

    if (listDevices) {
      show("%20s | %10s | %25s | %s", "Name", "By", "Product", "Identifier");
      show("%21s+%12s+%27s+%s", dash(21), dash(12), dash(27), dash(25));
      for (final Device device : deviceList.devices) {
        show("%20s | %10s | %25s | %s", device.name,
            device.manufacturer, device.productname,
    final Map<String, String> ainByName = new HashMap<>();
    for (final Device device : deviceList.devices) {
      ainByName.put(device.name, device.getAin());
     * loop over all devices to be read
    for (final String readDevice : readDevices) {
      // devices can be specified by name or id
      String ain = readDevice;
      // check if a name was given
      if (ainByName.containsKey(ain)) {
        // get the ain for the name
        ain = ainByName.get(ain);
      readSwitch(homeAutomation, ain);

     * loop over all devices to be set
    if (setDevices.size() % 2 != 0) {
      usage("set needs pairs of name=on/off");
    for (int i = 0; i < setDevices.size(); i += 2) {
      final String name = setDevices.get(i);
      final String powerState = setDevices.get(i + 1);
      // check if a name was given
      String ain = name;
      if (ainByName.containsKey(ain)) {
        // get the ain for the name
        ain = ainByName.get(ain);
      boolean newState = false;
      switch (powerState) {
      case "on":
        newState = true;
      case "off":
        newState = false;
            "%s is not a valid powerState it needs to be on or off",
      show("switching %s %s", name, powerState);
      homeAutomation.setSwitchOnOff(ain, newState);


Help / Usage

java -jar fritzbox-java.jar -h

FritzBox Java API Command Line Version: 0.0.1

github: https://github.com/BITPlan/com.bitplan.fritzbox

  usage: java -jar fritzbox.jar
 -d (--debug)         : debug
                        create additional debug output if this switch is used
                        (Vorgabe: false)
 -h (--help)          : help
                        show this usage (Vorgabe: true)
 -l (--list)          : list
                        list devices (Vorgabe: false)
 -r (--read) STRING[] : read
                        read the given devices
 -s (--set) STRING[]  : set
                        set the given devices to the givnen states e.g. main off
 -v (--version)       : showVersion
                        show current version if this switch is used (Vorgabe:

List devices

java -jar fritzbox.jar -l
                Name |         By |         Product | Identifier
            Aquarium |        AVM |  FRITZ!DECT 200 | 08761 0033476
          Wohnzimmer |        AVM |  FRITZ!DECT 200 | 08761 0092893

read devices

java -jar fritzbox.jar -r Aquarium Wohnzimmer
 name: Aquarium
   id: 087610033476 
alive: true
   on: false
 uses:     0     W
 used:   940,882 kWh
 temp:    25,0   °C

 name: Wohnzimmer
   id: 087610092893 
alive: true
   on: true
 uses:     1     W
 used:    35,510 kWh
 temp:    24,5   °C

switch devices on / off

java -jar fritzbox.jar -s Aquarium off  Wohnzimmer on
switching Aquarium off
switching Wohnzimmer on



and was used at BITPlan internally for a while until we got unhappy with the license and the details of the implementation. Therefore we started a new implementation "from scratch".

C# version

The code at:

is a starting point. It reads the same application.properties and gets a session id to work with.