Open Source

BITPlan participates in quite a few open source projects and has released some of it's own software as open source.

There are e.g. 21 BITPlan OpenSource Java Projects

Antlrcom.bitplan.antlrBITPlanANTLR Parser generator helper library
Com.bitplan.guicom.bitplan.guiBITPlanGeneric GUI framework for Java
Com.bitplan.javafxcom.bitplan.javafxBITPlanjavafx controls and utilities - with binding to platform independent gui declaration September 2018
Com.bitplan.pomcom.bitplan.pomBITPlandefinition of common generic maven aspects of BITPlan's projects September 2018
Com.bitplan.wikifrontendcom.bitplan.wikifrontendBITPlanVersatile MediaWiki Frontend - page filter and access control as base feature August 2018
CrazyBeansCrazyBeansBITPlanJava library to read, modify or create Rational Rose petal files November 2018
Dragtopcom.bitplan.dragtopBITPlanDrag and Drop target desktop application with plugable functionality December 2018
Dragtop/pdfextractorcom.bitplan.pdfextractorBITPlanThe tool will extract text from the PDF files December 2018 ( support for BITPlan RESTful applications August 2018
Fritzbox-java-apicom.bitplan.fritzboxBITPlanJava API for Fritzbox August 2018
MJpegStreamercom.bitplan.mjpegstreamerBITPlanMJPeg Streamer Java library and previewer August 2018
Mediawiki-JapiMediawiki-JapiWolfgangFahlJava library to call Mediawiki API described at
PdfIndexerpdfindexerWolfgangFahlJava Library and Tool to Index and search PDF files using Apache Lucene and PDF Box August 2018
Radolancom.bitplan.radolanBITPlanJava port of Radolan parser November 2018
SiDIF-TripleStoreorg.sidif.triplestoreBITPlanSiDiF - Simple Data Interchange Format - Educational TripleStore January 2018
SimpleGraphcom.bitplan.simplegraphBITPlanSimpleGraph System API wrapper December 2018
SimpleGraph-Tutorial/Geocom.bitplan.simplegraph-tutorial-geoBITPlanSimpleGraph Geo Tutorial
SimpleRestcom.bitplan.simplerestBITPlanSimple Jersey based RESTFul framework December 2018
Sprinklercom.bitplan.sprinklerBITPlansoftware for sprinkler control / water irrigation system based on weather and other parameters
Vzjavacom.bitplan.vzjavaWolfgangFahlJava Frontend für Volkszähler
W3cValidatorw3cValidatorWolfgangFahlJava library to call W3C Validator check August 2018