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ProfiWiki is

that is based on MediaWiki and semanticMediaWiki.

A ProfiWiki is a standard MediaWiki which is extends with Semantic MediaWiki and other extensions. The result is combination of a Wiki and a Graph databqse system. Useful functions like a UML documentation, comfortable upload by drag&drop and PDF export are already integrated.

To make the approach useable the ProfiWiki system used a Ryhtm Template engine and a predefined MetaModel. This way shte Wiki can be extends with Standard-Java "Actions" / Scripts which make it possible to work on all kinds of data to e.g. import the data into the wiki or export things from the wiki. Anything that is accessible with a Java library can be integrated this way.

Examples are Office and PDF Documents and naturally quite a few other things.

The database structure can be modified directly in the Wiki. MetaModell, Modell and generated pages are handled in the same way. In principle a ProfiWiki works like a small "integrated development environment".

The utility of the Wiki lies in the collaboration possibilities. It is possibble to combine unstructured. spontaneous content with structure contend based on Forms Lists and Categories. This way users on different levels can be addressed. Those that want to use all details as well as users that do just want to occasionaly use the wiki without reading any manuels and just want to "click from page to page" and add data with predefined forms.