id  com.bitplan.simplegraph
owner  BITPlan
title  SimpleGraph System API wrapper
version  0.0.5
date  2019-03-23

is an open source project that allows to wrap Systems APIs in a way that graph algorithms and storage can be applied. As an implementation Apache Tinkerpop/Gremlin is used.

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SimpleGraph uses the Hub and Spoke and Adapter patterns heavily.

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There are currently 21 Modules available for SimpleGraph. Each module wraps an "external" API to make the functions and data behind that API available for graph processing with Apache Tinkerpop / Gremlin.

Module Hub and Spoke[edit]

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Module Details[edit]

Module System wrapped API exposed Description



Solving IT Problems across System boundaries can get very difficult. There may be a wealth of APIs which first looks helpful but given the diversity of approaches it a daunting task will need to be tackled to get reasonable results. More often than not projects are not even started since the cost/benefit ratio is not good enough. SimpleGraph aims to supply a unified graph API access to Systems for which this makes sense. In fact for most systems it makes sense to have a graph API. Quite a few problems will get much easier to solve if the subdivision of the problem is done with the goal to apply graph algorithms. See What happens if you see the world as a graph?

Use Cases[edit]

Mix and Match Office and other data

Let's assume we have a business that works in the following manner:

  1. There are pricelist for product categories in Microsoft Excel files
  2. Product specifications are in PDF Format - the files are referenced in the Excel files
  3. Invoices are written in Microsoft Word
  4. There is an address book of customers in VCard format
  5. Orders are handled via e-mail (that is automatically produced by the companies shop website)
  6. Monthly reports are created with PowerPoint

The monthly reports should in the future be modified to give geographical information. Basically a revenue/region sales count per product/region information is wanted.

The 1000 dollar question - can this report be created efficiently semi-manually with reasonable software effort? Sadly it sounds more like 10.000 or 100.000 dollar question.

There are at least 6 different systems involved. SimpleGraph simplifies accessing all 6 systems.


Air Routes

The AirRoutes example is taken from Practical Gremlin: An Apache TinkerPop Tutorial by Kelvin Lawrence see also

JUnit Test case

We'd like to read in the air-routes graph described above and create an Excel Work book from it. see

Java Source Code

  ExcelSystem es = new ExcelSystem();
  Graph graph = TestTinkerPop3.getAirRoutes();
  GraphTraversalSource g = graph.traversal();
  Workbook wb = es.createWorkBook(g);
  assertEquals(6, wb.getNumberOfSheets());, testAirRouteFileName);

View the resulting File:Air-routes.xlsx Excel file to see what the tabular version of the graph looks like.




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